June 16, 2011

Zipper Bow - Tutorial -

This Zipper Bow is really easy to make and you can add to bags,hats,brooches or use to interior.
I am decorating the bookshelf with it.

I want to explain how to make it by using the photograph since now and I hope that you share it.
I'm sorry if my English make you feel bad -- it is not on purpose. Please understand that there is no offence.
I hope strongly that photograph can help you .

Materials: Metal zipper 30cm
                Tyrolean tape 56cm × 2.6cm(width)
                * Also you can use any fabric*

1: Cut off top end stopper and remove slider.

2: Cut tyrolean tape in 28cm. Then cut to 20.5cm and 7.5cm(×2)

3: Cut zipper as shown in the below.

4: Turn the zip teeth outside and tyrolean tape placed on zipper. It's RIGHT SIDE.

5:  Sew both sides. Seam allowance about 0.2cm.

6: Another tyrolean tape placed on zipper. It's WRONG SIDE.

7: Sew both sides the same as 5.

8: Sew both ends together by hand.

9: Squeeze the thread.

10: Make the center of Bow.

11: Match on both side of zipper.

12: I used center of tyrolean tape. Fold both sides.

13: It placed on zipper looks like below.

14: Sew both sides the same as 5.

15: Fold to wrong side.

16: Sew extra tape and stopped.

17: Sew lightly to add.

18: Sew the end tightly by slip stitch.

19: FINISH!!

* You can attach this brooche pin to bow.




Note: 1 Inch = 2.54 cm, 1 Feet = 30.48 cm, 1 Feet = 12 Inch
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Thank you for reading until the end.
I am pleased if you try to make this Zipper Bow from my tutorial.
I'm making another thing using by the zipper. Next one is SUPER simple.
Please come back again!

If you have any questions,feel free to contact me.


  1. These bows are adorable! I have to try it soon, the tutorial is really nice :) Take care, Joanna

  2. this is so cute! Now I want to make one :)

  3. Love this one! I am definitely going to try! Thanks!

  4. thank you so much!please try to make it( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    it is really fun to make it!!

  5. this is very pretty - thank you for sharing!

  6. As the mother of four girls, thanks for sharing a new bow! I especially like the contrast of the zipper and floral too!

  7. Cute idea!! It came out great! I am visiting from C.R.A.F.T. and I am a new follower! Hope you have a great day and I look forward to seeing you around soon!

  8. How simple and cute is that!? THANKS!

  9. Wow! I just loved this tutorial thanks for sharing.I'm your new follower

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  10. Creative ideas. Thanks for sharing

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  13. How clever!!! Thanks for sharing.

  14. This is the "sweetest" little bow ornament that I have seen in a long time. Very creative, and I love how you implemented in the zipper. I really need ideas to use up some of my old zippers. I think I will make this and put it on a hair clip for my little granddaughter, Chloe Jane. Thank you so much..............

  15. oh, my granddaughter wanted a bow tie as part of her costume for a talent show! This would work wonderfully. Thank you.

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  17. Very pretty, and I'd like to use bows like this on purses, and then even on homemade art journals I make! Thanks for sharing how to make them! ~tina

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