Hello, my name is Yumiko.I like a pleasant thing.I love sewing.

I make bags and cloth accessories with Japanese fabric.

And I'm providing a service that will digitize handwriting patterns. If you are interested in this service, please take a loot at this PAGE.

I’m from Okinawa.
Sometimes I use printed fabric of “Ryukyu-Bingata”.
“Bingata” is the name given to the cloth that is dyed with multiple colored design. It has been traditionally made in Okinawa from 500 years ago.

I also make “Cloth pads".

My English is not perfect.
I'm sorry if my English make you feel bad --- it is not on purpose. Please understand that there is no offence. I'm always trying to improve my English.

I'm pleased to be able to share time with you in this blog.

Thank you for your visit.