October 6, 2014

Sewing Pattern Digitizing Service

Many of those who sell original patterns have difficulties digitizing patterns that will be identical to the original.
I started provides a service that will digitize your handwriting patterns. Your handwritten patterns will be digitized and identical to the original.
I'm using Adobe Illustrator for digitizing the pattern.
I can not draft patterns and I can not grade your (clothing)patterns. I will not write your instructions. My services will be provided to customer by digitizing a scanned handwriting patterns.
All communication with customers will be via e-mail.
At first, a customer will need to e-mail a scanned handwriting patterns and a digitized patterns will be created. The outcome will be beautiful and without distortion or minor fringes. It will be professionally done and the data will be in PDF or PSD format.
I can fit all your pattern pieces to whatever size paper you specify.
Pricing varies based on the page of your patterns.
For Clothing Pattern : $8 per page(8.5" x 11").
For Bag Pattern : $5 per page(8.5" x 11").

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at yumiko(at)funnyrabbitpatterns(dot)com

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