October 18, 2012

The Original Personalized Flip Flops

It has been a long time since I updated this blog last time.
I took a long long holiday. During that time, I went to my parents' home to spend with my family.

Also, I was planning to open my new shop that sells handmade flip flops.
Finally, I was able to open my new shop yesterday! yay!

Take a look at my new products.

I will make special flip flops for you. There is your name on the left flip flops. Designs of the right flip flops are shown in the photo.
These are great for your friends and family!
There are many sizes and colors available. These flip flops are designed for unisex.
So I made Actual size diagram for your information.

These flip flops use EVA-cushioned footbed of a lightweight flip flop with a rubber sole. These are comfortable to wear, and excellent in quick-drying and durability.

Here is my flip flops. :)

It looks like this.
The design which glimpse is when I wear these flip flops is very lovely. :)
Don't you think so!?

If you are interested in this products, you can order from here.

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