July 26, 2011

Shijimi-Kinchaku / Shell Pouch

This is a typical pouch that called drawstring bag in Japan.
But there are many different types of this bag.This is my favourite taypes of drawstring bag " Shell Pouch ". It is called " Shijimi-Kinchaku " in Japanese because it looks like shell's shape.
It looks very cute. :D
Most mothers makes drawstring bag when the child entered to kindergarten.To bring indoor shoes or etc. My mother was,too.
The size is W20×H18. It's pretty good size to hold in my bag.I can put my wallet,keys and cell phone into it. It can be used as a purse organizer!.

Here is another one I made yesterday.

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  1. Love this one! Is it easy to make?

  2. Thank you!:) It's very easy to make!

  3. Oh my!!

    This is so lovely!!
    I love it!!

    I want one too!! *whines*
    Can i have the tutorial??
    Because i search after it, but i didn't find anything... so please!!

  4. Thank you Hikari!
    I already made this PDF pattern for sell on my Etsy shop.
    It is coming soon.

  5. Aw*w*
    I can't wait!!