October 19, 2011

NIPPONIA in OKINAWA -The 5th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival-

I went to my hometown Okinawa for help to Lucy who participated NIPPONIA.
NIPPONIA is a concert by Okinawan Japanese descent of each countries.
Uchinanchu means people of Okinawa. "Uchinanchu" is Okinawan language.
There are original language and own culture in Okinawa.
The worldwide Uchinanchu festival is held once in five years. The Uchinanchu who are in each country in the world gather in Okinawa for the first time in five years.
The Uchinanchu who are lerning the traditional performing arts of Okinawa in each country  shows the skill in this festival.
We have to protect the traditional performing arts of Okinawa. The interest in traditional arts of a young generation fades away now.

So, NIPPONIA is cooperation event in this year. I participated in this event to support my teacher of "Sanshin" Lucy.
It was really really wonderful time for me...I was one of their fan.
I could take only the photograph of the rehearsal.

Kazufumi Miyazawa is the producer of NIPPONIA.
He was very cool, gentle and soooooooooooooo kind for everybody.
This is his very very famous song "Shimauta".

All performers were really very splendid people that was really fantastic!!


  1. You had a Good time^^
    I like the traditional Japanese performing arts with the traditional clothes!!

  2. Thank you,fazou! It was really amazing time for me.:)