May 20, 2011

Cloth Sanitary Napkins

They are funny Rabbit's Cloth Sanitary Napkins.
I make them sometimes.
Today, I want to explain my Cloth Sanitary Napkins.
"WHY" Cloth Sanitary Napkins?

I'm using cotton flannel to make cloth sanitary napkins.
This cotton flannel protects from skin troubles in the genital area and relieaves a menstrual pain because it's additive-free and contains no bleach. They are very good quality and durable. You can repeatedly use it and, it will last very long.
Therefore, they are harmless to both our bodies and the environment, which is important.
Every month, many woman have skin irritation problems in the sensitive area and cramps during menstruation. I am one of them.
Five years ago, my best friend gave some to me as a present. That was the first time for me to use them.
After that, I learned how to make them myself.
Actually, I started to use such cloth sanitary pads three years ago because her sister who is original pattern sion.  informed me about what effect such napkins have on both the body and the environment. She is producing such sanitary napkins in Okinawa, Japan.
I haven't been buying the disposable sanitary pads for three years.

So now, I am fully aware that they are very functionally wonderful products for us. It is definitely better than disposable sanitary pads because not only is it bodily and environmentally friendly but it also saves you some money. You don't need to spend a fortune every month on such things.
Now, I decided to start another Etsy shop for many women get to know " Cloth Sanitary Napkins ".

Please refer to this page for more information on my products. Thank you!!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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