November 9, 2010


歌:Lucy 太鼓&笛:Nao

Lucyの唄声を少しでも多くの方に聞いていただきたく、You Tubeにアップしました (σ^▽^)σパフパフ
天使のような素敵な歌声をお聞きください( ̄ー+ ̄)キラリ

視聴はこちら( ◑ω◑☞)☞「とぅばらーま」




Real Name: Lucy Nagamine
Birthday : May 14th
Birthplace: Lima, Peru
Sign : Taurus

Lucy was born and raised in Lima, Peru as a third generation of Okinawan-Peruvian.
She was strongly influenced by her grandmother who loved Okinawan music.
Her embarked on her musical journey at a young age, studying Okinawan musical interment called Sanshin the age of ten. Since then music grew to be her passion eventually leading her to Okinawan music artist.
When Lucy sings she always think of her mother and grandmother who devoted their lives to love and support her.
To sing from the botton of her heart is her way of showing her love and appreciation to both of them who are not here anymore.

In 1993 Lucy entered international Karaoke competition in Japan as a delegate of Peru and awarded first prize. A year later she moved to Okinawa to master its music and Sanshin. Since then entered a number of competitions and won several prizes.

Her voice is sure to touch the hearts of listeners nationwide.
It is full of majestic power and sublime sensuality. Not a just a technically perfect singer, the classically-trained songstress is one with soul and true emotional intensity.

The audience also loves her angle smile!

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